Our Innovation Strategy and Model are composed of:

· 70% Incremental Innovation:
Small changes in processes, products, services, strategies, etc. (continuous improvement)

· 20% Sustaining Innovation:
Major advances in the core business for existing customers and markets (next generation)

· 10% Disruptive Innovation:
Breakthroughs that change the game – new business models, products, services (white space, blue oceans).

Our I-Teams work across departments and communities to explore, experiment, and evaluate new approaches to government and civic life.

Employees were invited to identify ways for the city to maximize resources and create cost savings while maintaining staffing and service levels and identifying potential new revenue opportunities. More than 250 ideas were submitted about how to strengthen day-to-day operations while serving the public more effectively.

“I have enjoyed being a part of the program over the last several months and already see the significant impact Innovation will have on our city now and the future,” said Financial Analyst Sherri Young, a member of the Continuous Improvement Team. 

The Innovation Challenge was so successful that staff has launched a similar program with the community at large. We have created quick-guides and templates for our favorite problem-solving tools for you to use when planning, executing and communicating your project.