Mission Commons – PDP and ODP Amendment to Add Additional Land Uses


Location: Northwest corner of West 88th Avenue and Wadsworth Boulevard

Zoning: Planned Unit Development

Comprehensive Plan Designation: Retail Commercial

Applicant/Property Owner:  Sam Brown & Associates

Project Description: Preliminary Development Plan Amendment and Official Development Plan Amendment to add to the list of allowed uses for the property. Specifically, the applicant is requesting to add the following:

  • Neighborhood Brewery
  • Indoor Animal Daycare
  • Veterinary Office or Clinic
  • Thrift Store

No changes are proposed to the physical site or buildings.

Public Hearing Required: Yes, pursuant to Section 11-5-9(B)(1)(a) of the W.M.C., the applicant is requesting to add new uses to the PDP. This cannot be done administratively and requires review and consideration at a public hearing before the Planning Commission and City Council. If the PDP Amendment is approved, the land uses could be added to the ODP administratively.

Review Process Status: First submittal of both the PDP and ODP was received and reviewed by the project planner. A neighborhood notification of amendment was sent out to the surrounding community exceeding W.M.C. notification distance standards. The City is awaiting the second submittal. Following staff acceptance of the application, the PDP Amendment will require two public hearings.


If you have any questions or comments on the proposed development, please email the City planner listed below.


City Planner Contact Information:

Stephanie Ashmann
Senior Planner
Planning Division
Community Development Department
City of Westminster
4800 W. 92nd Avenue
Westminster, Colorado 80031