Current Development Projects

Welcome to the Planning Division's Status of Development Projects webpage. This page aims to provide basic status information on many current and upcoming Planning projects.

Use the map below to navigate to a specific project site, referring to the legend on the right to determine the project status. Clicking on a specific site will bring up detailed information on the project. For additional information about specific projects, please contact the assigned project planner using the "Contact Email" provided for each specific project.

Current Development Map

Definitions of Development Types:

Project Completed - Project has been completed within the last 6-12 months

Under Construction - Project is under active construction

Project Approved - Development review is complete and the project has been approved for permitting

Under Review - Project development plan is currently under staff review

Concept Plan Review (CPR) - Project is awaiting a Concept Plan Review hearing with City Council. For more information, please visit the CPR page.


For an overview of the development review process, view our Development Review Guide.


Project Meetings

Project Meetings are an opportunity for the local community to provide input on projects proposed for their neighborhood. Notification of all project meetings is typically mailed to all addresses and property owners within 1,000-feet from the project site. To view recordings of past Project Meetings, visit our YouTube Page.


Public Hearings

Some projects require public hearings and approval by the Planning Commission and/or City Council. The public has the opportunity to comment on development projects at these hearings. Notification of all development-related public hearings is typically mailed to all addresses and property owners within 1,000-feet from the project site. For a schedule of upcoming and past public hearings and project meetings visit the City Events page. (Filter by "Category" to specify meeting type).

Information related to Planning Commission and City Council, including past and upcoming hearing agendas, can be found on the following pages:

Planning Commission webpage

City Council webpage

Visit the Planning Division page for additional resources and information.