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About the Planning Division

The Planning Division is primarily responsible for the coordination and approval process for all proposed land development, and is involved in a number of special projects and long-term land use, urban design and planning activities.

Responsibilities include:

  • Management of land use entitlement within the City
  • General zoning requests and land use inquires
  • Coordination of public hearing processes for all proposed land development projects and applications
  • Review of development plans and permits
  • Special projects, long-term land use, urban design, and planning activities
  • Planning and land use education

Development Review Resources

For all Planning questions including land use/zoning questions or information, please contact the Planning Division at or 303-658-2092

Planning Services and Applications

Landscape Changes - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The City of Westminster Community Development Department staff regularly assist residents and businesses in Westminster seeking to update their landscaping with lower water using choices. The purpose of this FAQ is to clarify the process for landscape changes.


Special Event/Temporary Use 

Special Event Permit permit applications can be accessed by visiting the Parks, Recreation & Libraries Special Event Permits Page. 

  • Visit the parks rental facility page if you only want to rent a Park Pavilion, the Promenade Terrace or a room in a city facility; you do not need to complete the Special Events Permit application.
  • Visit the Standley Lake Regional Park application if you want to host a special event at the lake. Please contact Sully Tun-Ake at 303-658-2790.


Conditional and Special Use Permits

Request to apply for a review of a proposed use that is not an outright permitted use by right within a zoning category.  

Conditional Use Permit Application

Special Use Permit Application



Request to modify or create a new telecommunication facility on public or private property

Telecommunications Submittal Guide for Applicants

Adjacent Property Owner Notice Letter Template

Small Cell Infrastructure Guidelines



Request to apply for a form of relief from the designated zoning requirements that would otherwise be prohibited by code.

Sign Variance 

Variance Application

For land use/zoning questions or information, please contact the Planning Division at:


Phone: 303-658-2092

Planning Manager

John McConnell, Interim Planning Manager, 303-658-2474

Planning Staff

Stephanie Ashmann, Senior Planner, 303-658-2104

Amy Johnson, Senior Planner, 303-658-2098

Jacob Kasza, Senior Planner, 303-658-2123

Nathan Lawrence, Senior Planner, 303-658-2099

Josh Vaughn, Associate Planner, 303-658-2101

Jennifer Baden, Associate Planner, 303-658-2097

Long Range Planner

Andrew Spurgin, Long Range Planner, 303-658-2127

Development Services Coordinator

David German, Development Services Coordinator, 303-658-2479

City Urban Designer
Sean McCartney, City Urban Designer, 303-658-2095