TeBockhorst Park Dedication

On Sept. 9, 2023, Trendwood Park was renamed to TeBockhorst Park in honor of Joe TeBockhorst, a longtime Betty Adams Elementary School teacher who passed away in fall 2022. Joe, or "Mr. T" as students would call him, spent 15 years dedicated to teaching and mentoring young people in our community and was well-known for his leadership, generosity and work as an advocate for education. 

TeBockhorst Park honors the legacy Mr. TeBockhorst left behind, and serves as a reminder of the positive impact he had on Westminster throughout the years.

Park Amenities

  • Access to Open Space (Farmer's High Line Canal and Niver Canal)
  • Access to regional trail (Farmer's High Line Canal)
  • Ballfield (1)
  • Multi-use turf fields
  • Parking (school)
  • Unpaved walking path

CLASSIFICATION: Neighborhood park

SIZE OF PARK: 4.7 acres