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Your Westy Water Utility team is here to help you with all your needs, as a new resident, current resident, or business. Below you'll find answers to frequently asked questions and links to common requests.

For suspected water and sewer breaks - Please call 303-658-2500, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Utilities Service Rules define the requirements for customers to receive water, wastewater and reclaimed services. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Meters are typically located in your front yard. Most areclose to the curb or sidewalk and others can be further in the yard in linewith your outside hose spigot. Your meter is a 12-13” round metal lid with a 2”plastic cap

Currently the City sends out a quarterly notice to customers that have been identified to have continuous water consumption. Coming summer of 2022, the new Westy Water portal will allow you to set leak alerts for your consumption. If you water meter reads higher than a set level of consumption, you will receive a real time notification of this high water read. However, a high water read doesn’t not necessarily mean you have a leak but due to the water use patterns it may be worth while to investigate. The Westy Water Utility team is able to support you in monitoring for leaks from our service lines up to your water meter. We recommend contacting a certified plumber to help locate potential leaks on your private property. 

*Please note that a whole house humidifier or an evaporative (swamp) cooler can use water frequently enough to appear as a leak.

Have you come across water running in the streets or flowing out of a metal casting in the road or sidewalk? Please give us a call at 303-658-2500 and we can send a team out to begin addressing the issue. Thank you for helping us address breaks quickly and efficiently.