Getting started at the gym can be daunting, but a little guidance can go a long way. Our nationally certified Personal Trainers will help keep you on track by giving you individualized workouts and nutrition advice to meet your goals. You want to hike a 14er? Want to keep up with the grandkids? Regardless of your fitness goals, our staff will take the lead, keep you motivated, and have you achieving your goals and setting new ones! Invest in your health with one personal training session, or choose a package with multiple sessions to keep you focused. 


Maximize your effectiveness in the weight room. Receive the tools you need to achieve your goals. The first session with trainer is an assessment of current fitness and goal setting.
Call 303-460-9691 to request a session or complete this attached online session request form.  24-hour cancellation notice is required to avoid full charges for personal training sessions.

Personal Training Client Intake Form

*Please print, complete, and bring your intake form with you to your first training session. You can also show up 10 minutes early for your appointment and fill this form out at the facility. 



One-on-one Sessions: 30 minutes

Intro Package: 3 sessions for $79 (New clients only)

Bronze Package4 sessions $139

Silver Package: 8 sessions $239

Gold Package: 12 sessions $329

One session: $45


One-on-one Sessions: 60 minutes

Intro Package: 3 sessions for $139 (New clients only)

Bronze Package4 sessions $229

Silver Package: 8 sessions $419

Gold Package: 12 sessions $589

One session: $60


Semi-private session

30 minute Intro Package: 3 sessions for $119 (New clients only)

30 minute Bronze Package4 sessions $199

60 minute Intro Package: 3 sessions for $179 (New clients only)

60 minute Bronze Package- 4 sessions $279





Do you sweat best in the camaraderie of others? Join this Results Group Training session that includes one private training session and seven weeks of small group training sessions providing tools to gain strength and move toward a healthier you. We offer a women-only group and a co-ed group and all classes are held at City Park Fitness Center. To register for a group training session call 303-460-9691 or register online.

Women's Results at City Park Fitness Center - $149

  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 9-10 a.m.
  • 1st Session: May 6-June 26
  • 2nd Session: July 8- August 28

CO-ED Results at City Park Fitness Center - $149

  • Mondays and Wednesdays 7-8 p.m.
  • 1st Session: May 6- June 26
  • 2nd Session: July 8- August 28



Let a certified personal trainer show your child how it's done! They will learn how to exercise safely and effectively utilizing weight room cardio and strength equipment. This program is for 12-15 year olds and is $55. ($15 discount for current pass holders!) Includes a one-on-one session with a member of our Certified Personal Training team and a one month pass for free access to City Park Recreation Center, Swim & Fitness Center and West View Recreation Center. Sessions may be serviced at City Park Fitness Center with an adult present. Request a Youth Personal Training session.




“The power of reinvention”
When you change your body, you reinvent your life. My purpose is to create a custom training solution that focuses on achieving your goals. Your program will  integrate seamlessly with your lifestyle and will be the foundation for excellent health, increased energy and improved appearance. I will guide you effectively and safely enable you to achieve goals that you set. I am committed to your success in this exciting process.

Specialties │group exercise formats - active older adults, circuit introduction, hiit interval training, parkinson's exercise, studio cycle

Education │ certifications- ACE personal trainer, NSCA, CSCS, AFAA group fitness, maddog spinning, cycle reebok, trekking and AHA

Fitness program staff member since 1998




Kelly photo  Kelly   

“It's not too late and you're never too old!”
My goal is to inspire and support others in their own health and wellness journey. I make fitness fun and accessible for everyone. No matter your age, fitness ability or experience I want to help people feel comfortable in a gym setting. with proper form, technique, and variety you can achieve your goals. I want every individual to feel welcome, challenged, energized, successful and happy when they leave. 

Specialties │group exercise formats - silversneakers, barreabove, stages cycle, parkinson's exercise, mat pilates, zumba, TRX, kettlebell

Education │ certificationsAFAA personal trainer, group fitness instructor

Fitness program staff member since 2018


Joe R









"Consistency is the first step"

I will help you build muscle, lose weight, and increase your mobility. plus, with my experience as an endurance athlete i can also coach you to hike your first 14er, run a marathon, or just increase your stamina for easier daily living. I will tailor a routine to your specific goals and capabilities. what might seem complex at first is often simple at its core. We will start simple then add layers over time, building on small wins. whether you’re an experienced gym goer, or new to fitness, we’ll make your goals achievable.

Specialties │group exercise formats - mobility, running, strength and powerlifting, cycling

Education │ certifications- NASM certified personal trainer




"The body achieves what the mind believes.”

I am enthusiastic about guiding you in sculpting the body that you envision. I did it and so can you. I am passionate about health, fitness and wellness and will provide you with a personalized program to improve strength, endurance, mobility, and flexibility. Training should be challenging but also exciting. My objective is to give you the tools to meet your fitness goals while having fun along the way.

SPECIALTIES | GROUP EXERCISE FORMATS- Cardio Xtreme (HIIT), Body Flex, Yoga (Yoga Strength, Vinyasa Flow), TRX, Reb3l Groove (Dance Cardio), D2G SocaFit (Dance Cardio), Reb3l Strength (Strength), Bootcamp, Barre, Studio Cycle, Body Pump (Les Mills strength format)

EDUCATION |CERTIFICATIONS  ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, SilverSneakers® Foundations, SilverSneakers® Yoga, YogaFit RYT 200 HR Yoga Teacher, BodyPump (Les Mills), TRX Suspension Training, Barre Above, Stages Cycle, Reb3l Groove & D2G SocaFit (Dance), Reb3l Strength (strength)


“Train Right, Feel Great”
Are you recovering from an injury? Trying to lose weight? Want to increase your strength or improve your overall health? I enjoy working with a variety of clients of all ages and workout levels. Building a solid workout with the correct technique is a critical step in your journey to a healthier you. We will work together to help you set and achieve your workout goals. Whether you are taking your first steps toward a regular workout routine or seeking new challenges, I will reinforce correct techniques and help you build an effective workout. My goal is for you to enjoy your workout and leave feeling better.

Specialties │Group Exercise Formats - Barre, BodyFlex, Butts & Guts, and SilverSneakers® Classic

Education │ Certifications - AFAA Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Exercise Instructor, BarreAbove, SilverSneakers® 

Fitness Program Staff Member since 2011



LEXI (photo coming soon)

“Success is the sum of small efforts—repeated day-in and day-out.”

My goals and passion are to help inspire those who are struggling to live a healthy lifestyle find balance and enjoyment in health and wellness or to challenge those who already enjoy it. No matter if you're new to the fitness world or you’re a seasoned athlete trying to push yourself further, I would love to help you reach your goals in every season of your life. I’m an avid believer that consistency is key to our success and that we are all humans that need balance, even in the fitness world. Come join me and I will help build a fitness program that is designed just for you. Something that is fun, challenging, and full of variety.


Specialties │Group Exercise Formats- Strength Training, Body Building, Weight loss, Sports Nutrition, Circuit Training

Education │ Certifications -AFAA/ISMA Personal Trainer, AFAA/ISMA Group Exercise Instructor, AFFA/ISMA Sports and Nutrition consultant




Jennifer Sachs638259062990745161   Jennifer 

"Movement is medicine"

I believe building muscle is the "fountain of youth". There is a form of resistance training that is right for each of us, regardless of age or circumstance. Never let intimidation keep you from steping into the weight room and stepping up to your goals. Let me guide you.  

My superpower is listening to my clients, meeting them where they are - and getting them where they want to be. as i get to know you, I will tailor a fitness program to your personal needs and you will look forward to moving your body because of how good you feel.

Specialties │group exercise formats -diabetes education, group fitness

Education │ certifications- NASM certified personal trainer, NASM senior fitness specialist, registered dietitian nutritionist, certified diabetes care and education specialist

amy s638380158241406399Amy        


 "Your time is now!"

I love making fitness accessible to all abilities, ages, and life situations. As a mother to 5 boys, I understand the busyness of life. A routine that motivates you, is fun, challenging, and effective will help you reach your goals. I will create opportunities to get you there- whether it is improving balance to prevent falls, increased energy to play with your kids, or preparing for your next sports season- a personalized program is what will get you there. Self-care =self-love and I am here to help!

Specialties| Group exercise formats - Mixed Fit, Lunchtime blitz, Tread & Shred, Cycle, Boot camp, Athletic Conditioning

Education| Certifications - NASM certified Personal Trainer, Group fitness instructor, Stages Cycle Certification





“Fitness For Life"
My purpose is to focus on an individual’s fitness goals while keeping exercise challenging and fun. My clients enjoy the positive attitude I bring in every day and the passion that I demonstrate for my work. I inspire my clients by helping them reach their initial fitness goals and showing them that continuing with fitness throughout their life is important to me and that my clients matter.

Specialties │Group Exercise Formats - Bodybuilding, Boot Camp, Kettlebell, Powerlifting, Rehabilitation, Results Group Training, Running, TRX

Education │ CertificationsNSCA Personal Trainer, NPTI, NASN, IKFF Level 1

Fitness Program Staff Member since 2007




Trudi Trudi          Trudi is not currently taking on any new personal training clients

“Be awesome, you got this!”
as your personal trainer, the objective is to develop a plan to fit your individual needs and goals. with this foundation we will improve strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. i work with all populations, ages and levels. my specialties include fitness, post rehabilitation, functional exercise, fundamental nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes. join me for a positive, motivating and enjoyable experience.

specialties │group exercise formats- barre, pilates reformer, mat, and chair, reformer restorative, silversneakers yoga, studio cycle, women's results group training

education │ certifications- Peak Pilates certified trainer, ACE personal trainer, ACE golf conditioning specialist, ACE mind and body specialist, AFAA group fitness, barre, maddog spinning, MVE chair, silversneakers® yoga, yogafit®

fitness program staff member since 2007



"My wife and i have been training with al for a few months now and we have seen significant improvements in our strength, endurance, and overall health. his training has been challenging but also tailored to our abilities, which has made the process enjoyable and sustainable. as a result, we've felt more energized and motivated; the other day we even ran a 5k and felt fine afterwards (huge improvement!). al has years of experience and is great at communicating, we would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness and reach their goals."


"I am just reaching out because my son just turned 14 and has seen kelly since summer 2022 for personal training. she has been great with him. he has autism and extreme anxiety but has managed with her help to loose 45 pounds. he has had struggles and she is always there to help him get back on track emotionally and physically. i just wanted to reach out and let someone know how much we appreciate her."


"Al Wasser has been more than i could have asked for in a personal trainer. I am 69 years old, 1 year post bilateral knee replacement surgery. I also suffer from hypoxia and require oxygen while working out. I let myself go over the last 20 years. after having knee replacement surgery, I knew I wanted to take back my health. I signed up for the gold package at westminster fitness center with the hopes of finding a decent personal trainer to help me on my journey. Al Wasser has been the perfect fit for my needs. He pushes me beyond what I could possibly do on my own while being cognizant of my health needs. I’ve never felt better, stronger, or more encouraged to continue this journey I’m on than I do with Al in my corner. I’ve just signed up for an additional 12/1-hr sessions with Al. In my opinion, he’s the best there is!"


"I have been working with Kelly for 5 sessions of personal training, she is great, doesn't work me too hard and chooses exercises that are right for me and my goals!"


"My personal trainer, Amy, is probably the best, most efficient trainer i have ever had. She did the best pre-training assessment I have ever had and tailors the workout to my needs, and easily modifies moves such that I can do them without aggravating my past injuries. I have made more progress with her than my physical therapist."


"Joe is very helpful, thoughtful and goal oriented in working with me. He is very pleasant, and I feel confident he is invested in my wellbeing."


"Wes was very nice and professional. he listened to the goals we had and formed an easy to follow plan. I would recommend working with him to anyone."


"Solo is personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. she knows how to push me, but also is mindful of my limitations. I trust her guidance, too."


"I really like Jennifer. she is knowledgeable and has helped me."


"I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible impact al has on my health and well-being. his support, expertise, and keeping me motivated is nothing short of improving my current challenges. his dedication to my fitness journey inspires me and his guidance has encouraged me to achieve my goals. I truly appreciate his personalized workouts, nutritional advice, and the genuine care he's shown throughout our time together."


"Matt is a fantastic personal trainer. he listens to what your goals are and tailors his training to help you meet them. He provides outstanding guidance on form and pays close attention when you’re lifting and makes helpful form corrections. I felt safe and learned great technique, which has helped me continue to be able to progress in my strength training."


About a year ago, I moved to colorado, leaving a gym that i absolutely loved. up there with finding a place to live was finding a place to work out and be happy.

I joined silver sneakers sometime around september last year. I actually was taking two or three classes every day scouting for a trainer I could connect with. I found her, Kelly.

Fast forward a year….at 80 years old it’s no surprise i have a bone density issue… “normal for my age“…. I am very anxious to work on exercises advantageous to my bone density issue. after talking to a doctor, he recommended I get a personal trainer. I have never had a personal trainer in my life, but I jumped in and of course I requested Kelly.

I cannot say enough about Kelly. I brag about her to my friends, even those who don’t work out.

weight, rooms and machines are greek to me. Imagine teaching an 80-year-old all about the machines, holy toledo!


Kelly’s patience is to be admired,

Kelly’s knowledge is to be admired,

Kelly as a prime example is to be admired

I am on my second month of working out and every day i wake up hoping this is a weight workout day

Kelly inspires!