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2023 Ballot Information


The best way to get all the information about the ballot questions is to watch the July 31st Study session where all the measures were discussed and why the charter changes are on the ballot. The link to that study session is here.

To view the Ordinance with the charter questions, click here. To view the memo showing the language that would be amended in the Charter if the ballot questions pass, click here. To view the Resolution that passes the advisory question regarding wards, click here

The ballot questions are as follows:

Shall the Westminster City Charter, Section 9.6 Budget Control, subsection (2), be amended to change the City Manager’s budgetary control from the departmental budget level to the fund level, in order to allow for more effective financial management? _____________ FOR _______________ AGAINST

Shall the Westminster City Charter, Section 9.2 Budget Procedures, be amended to provide current year expenditures as of July 31 rather than September 1st, in order to provide the community with a more consistent basis of comparison of City expenditures? _____________ FOR _______________ AGAINST

Shall the Westminster City Charter, Section 13.3 Contracts, subsection (h), be amended to allow the City Manager to designate an individual to certify an appropriation has been made before a contract, agreement, or purchase order is executed, in order to provide more effective management of financial controls? _____________ FOR _______________ AGAINST

Shall the Westminster City Charter, Section 17.5 Definition of Publication, Mailing of Notices, be amended to change the requirements for the publication of notices and ordinances from newspaper publication only to allow for either newspaper publication or publication on the City’s official website, or both, in order to allow for notices to reach more people, more effectively, and more quickly? _____________ FOR _______________ AGAINST

Shall the Westminster City Council propose by 2026 a system of electing some or all City Council members from geographic wards rather than at-large? YES__ NO__


The following people are on the ballot for the office of City Council.  There are three open seats:


Candidate Name


Kristine Ireland


Claire Carmelia


Jeff Jones


Amber Hott


Karen F. Kalavity


Bruce Baker


Scott Shilling


Paul Page


Tim Pegg


Rich Seymour

Information on the candidates can be found here.