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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you were issued a summons with a court appearance date you have a conflict with, you can call the court to ask for up to a two week extension or you can file a motion with the court asking for a continuance.  You may also be an 'Add-on' to our docket on Monday or Tuesday mornings, 7:30-9 a.m. before the appearance date on your summons.

First, you may want to call the court to find out the status of your case.  Then proceed with one of the following: 

  1. Come to one of our 'Add-on' dockets which are Monday and Tuesday 7:30-9 a.m.  
  2. If you are unable to do that and a warrant has issued, you may come to our front counter and post the bond amount set on your case and get a new upcoming court date.  
  3. Mail or fax a motion to the judge including your reason for missing the court date along with your request of how to take care of your case.
  4. If you missed a court date on a traffic case call the clerks at 303-658-2250 and they can further advise you of your options.
Westminster Municipal Court issues warrants for failure to appear or failure to comply.  If you have an outstanding warrant and would like to take care of it, you can be part of our 'Add-on' docket on Monday or Tuesday mornings, 7:30 - 9 a.m.  If you are under 18 a parent or guardian must accompany you.  If you want the warrant quashed and are unable to come to one of the 'Add-on' dockets, you can come to our front counter and post the bond amount on your warrant and be given a new court date.  Your bond amount can be posted by yourself, another person, or by a bail bonding agency.

If you have questions about your case or think you may have a warrant, you can contact the court at 303-658-2250 or view the Active Warrants document on the main page, linked under Warrant Surrenders.


You may request a Public Defender when you appear on your court date when you check in with one of our court clerks.

You may submit a Records Request in writing at the front counter, through the online form button below, through the mail, or by fax  at 303-429-8684. The fee for record searches is $7.50 for each 15 minutes and $ .25 per page.  If you need your record 'certified' the cost is an additional $5.00.  Once you submit your request a court clerk will get in touch with you for payment and fulfill your request within three business days.

Please be advised that in compliance with our court retention schedule we keep court records for seven years plus the current year. 

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Electronic equipment (cell phones, pagers, I-pods, tablets, E-readers, etc.) shall be turned off prior to entering the courtroom and shall remain off except if use is allowed the judge.  Laptops are allowed by attorneys scheduled for court.  No cameras or recording devices are allowed without prior approval of the judge.    

Weddings are conducted at the Westminster Municipal Court by one of our judges.  Please contact the Clerk's Office at 303-658-2250 for available dates and times.  You will need to obtain a marriage license from the County Clerk and bring it with you for the ceremony.  Here are links to Adams County and Jefferson County for information on obtaining a marriage license. 

The Westminster Municipal Court is located at 3030 Turnpike Drive, Westminster, CO 80030.  We are just southwest of Highway 36 and Federal Boulevard.  Our hours of operation are Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.  

Phone: 303-658-2250 

Fax: 303-706-3310

Email: court@westminsterco.gov