Jaidinger Villas
Buddhist Meditation Classroom Official Development Plan Amendment


Location: 8200 West 106th Avenue

eTRAKiT Project Number: PLN19-0017

Zoning: Planned Unit Development

Comprehensive Plan Designation: R-1, Residential

Developer: Mipham Shedra Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center, miphamshedra.org

Project Description: Conversion of existing accessory building into Buddhist meditation classroom, approximately 1,000 sf in size.  Addition of off-street parking, landscape buffering and improvements, circumambulation path, and deck area. 

*Please note: The site plan and architectural elevations have not been approved by the City and are subject to change in future submittals and before approval.

Public Hearing Status: A Preliminary Development Plan (PDP) amendment adding “church” use to the property, along with various development regulations, was approved by City Council on January 28th, 2020. Approval of this PDP by City Council allows for administrative review and approval of the Official Development Plan (ODP) Amendment which will allow for conversion of the existing accessory structure to a classroom.

Review Process Status:

An ODP Amendment is currently under City Staff review. A neighborhood meeting is required with this application. One virtual neighborhood meeting occurred on February 16, 2021 with a follow-up meeting on March 10, 2021. Summaries of these meetings are provided below:

If the ODP Amendment meets the criteria for approval, it can be approved administratively. The developer would then need to submit Civil Construction Drawings and a Building Permit for review by City Staff.


Above: View looking south onto property, existing accessory building is visible (white)
which is proposed to be converted into a classroom.

If you have any questions or comments on the proposed development, please email the City planner listed below.


City Planner Contact Information:

Nathan Lawrence
Senior Planner
Planning Division
Community Services Department
City of Westminster
4800 W. 92nd Avenue
Westminster, Colorado 80031


Developer Contact Information:

Gyormed Djoree - (303) 709-4943