Keep your mind sharp year round with a variety of enrichment courses. These courses are designed to help your child expand their learning and explore new skills.

Testimonial from parent of class participant -  My daughter has been attending the Read with Ease program at Westminster Rec Center for several months. She has made great improvement with her reading comprehension, accuracy, and fluency of her reading. She improved almost 20 points on her map test from the beginning of the year to the end year. The magical part is my daughter enjoys the class and looks forward to attending every week!!  Thank you for opening showing my daughter the joy of reading.

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Babysitting Bootcamp
Become the best sitter in your neighborhood! You’ll be certified in Infant/Child CPR and learn health, safety, emergency skills, basic first aid, bathing, toy and home safety, and common illnesses. Refine your leadership skills and résumé for your babysitting business. Bring a sack lunch.  Ages:  11-18 

Bored? Games!
Explore new places, meet or create different characters, build a rocket ship, work together or compete against your friends while having fun. This class provides a wealth of new and exciting board games for all ages to enjoy! Ages 8+

Cooking Club
Learn to cook quick, healthy foods. Master vocabulary, techniques, tools, utensils, safety, nutrition, kitchen math, and much more. Chefs eat what they make and take home the recipes.Weekly Themes:

  • Breakfast and Brunch
  • Picnic, Italian
  • Let’s Throw a Party!
  • Desserts.

Chess-Beg Learn the basics of chess while reinforcing good sportsmanship. You will be introduced in the setup, moves, illegal moves, end game and more. "Hands-on" play reinforces lessons learned. Ages: 6-16

Review the basics, reinforce good habits, and practice good sportsmanship. Learn special moves and expand on the end game with emphasis on advanced chess scenarios. "Hands-on" play reinforces lessons learned.  Prerequisite: Must know how all the pieces move, how to facilitate checkmate, and be able to observe and focus while peers are playing.  Ages: 8-19.

Family Chess Workshops
Low cost, 4-hour long workshops where the whole family can learn the ins and outs of chess and play against each other.

Ready, Set, Read!
Whether you struggle with reading or already love it, this class is for you! Here we make reading fun for all ages and levels of readers! Lessons Include literature, reader's theater activities, and games. 

School Refresh
Before the school year begins, have fun getting back into reading, writing, and math. This class is designed to help you start school off on the right track. Ages 7+

Science Camp
Immerse young minds in the wonders of the world with our camp, designed to foster curiosity and hands-on exploration. From observing local ecosystems to conducting simple experiments, students will develop a deeper understanding of the natural world.

  • Science Soup classes are for ages 5-8 and will include lessons in ecology, geology, biology, and chemistry.  There are two different session dates, which will have different lessons taught.  Within each session there are multiple time slots, but each time slot has identical lessons
  • Science Stew classes are for ages 9-12 and will do a deeper dive into the topics of chemistry, ecology, and biology.  There are two different session dates, which will have different lessons taught.

Play-Well Lego Classes
We offer three different sessions of Lego based enrichment classes facilitated by the great instructors at Play-Well.  Each session features a class for kids ages 5-7 in the morning and ages 7-12 in the afternoon.  Session titles are listed below, please visit the registration page for more details

  • Adventures in STEM (Ages 5-7)
  • Lego Design Challenge (Ages 7-12)
  • Minecraft Engineering (Ages 5-7)
  • Minecraft Master Engineering (Ages 7-12)
  • Pokémon Engineering (Ages 5-7)
  • Pokémon Master Engineering (Ages 7-12)

Story Crafters
The Story Crafters will take their writing to the next level by writing their very own stories! Learn effective writing skills and strategies by letting your creativity soar!

Please note our instructors are not legally delegated to administer emergency or regularly scheduled medications during these classes. If your child has an allergy or medical issue that requires medication we ask that you please remain on-site during their class time. We will make every attempt to accommodate allergy restrictions/dietary issues. Please notify us of these needs upon registration.