The water main construction crew is an in-house crew that replaces approximately two miles of residential water line each year. This program provides high-quality water line replacement service, in conjunction with sensitivity to customer service issues.

What's happening now?:

Crews have been working hard in the Shadow Ridge Neighborhood and will continue to do so through 2023.  We anticipate pausing work during the weeks Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years to minimize disruptions during the holidays. As a reminder, construction work is extremely weather dependent and subject to change. Work may slow down if rain, snow, and/or extreme cold is forecasted. Thank you for your patience.  

Project Schedule:

Work is currently underway and is expected to continue in to 2023. Construction work is extremely dependent on supply chain resources, good weather, and minimal water utility emergencies throughout the city. We will continue to update you on our progress on the project as we navigate these variables and work as efficiently as feasible. 

What to expect during Construction: 

  • Expect noise, tar-like odors, and large equipment on site.
  • Temporary closures of driveways. As pipe work is in front of your home, you will not be able to enter or exit your driveway, advanced notice of driveway closures will be provided. We recommend parking along nearby side streets if you need to leave during the work day.
  • No parking signs along the street. Vehicles left on the street during indicated work times will be towed to an adjacent street without “No Parking” signs.
  • A minimum of 1 water shutoff as we connect the new water line. Advance notice will be provided when possible. Some shut offs happen due to emergencies, we will work to get your water back on as soon as possible. We will remain on site until your water is back on.
  • Be careful when walking near our work zone with children and pets. Works zones are dangerous with deep trenches in the road and heavy machinery operating around them. While we value talking with our community and seeing kids interested in our work, please maintain a safe distance from our active work zone. 
  • Access to homes and driveways after work hours. Crews will be working in the middle of the road digging to expose the old water line and install the new water line. At the end of each work day, we will back fill our work area to allow you to drive on the street. 
  • Some sidewalk closures as we work on fire hydrant connections. Pedestrian detours will be in place. Please follow these detours for your safety.
  • Work is weather permitted and subject to change. Additionally, crews may be pulled into emergency work in other areas of the city which will impact our work schedule.



Construction project Overview:

1. Existing utilities in the street (such as gas and electric mains) will need to be identified. This is done through a utility locate service. The service identifies different utilities with different colored marks on the street and right of way. See a photo example.

2. A contractor will rotomill a 36-inch trench in the street where the water main is to be installed and PVC pipe will be laid out in the gutter line until it is installed. See a photo example.

3. A bacteria test and pressure test will be conducted on the new main. This is done to ensure the water is safe and there are no leaks. During this process you will notice water being flushed from a fire hydrant or 2-inch blow-off pipe.

4. After the bacteria and pressure tests are complete, workers will connect the individual home services to the main. The new main will be connected to existing water mains. (This means crews will be excavating areas where they have already been working.)

5. The old main, valves and fire hydrants will be removed or left in place and the trench will be compacted to assure no settling.

6. NOTE: During this entire project, your water may be turned off at different times throughout the day. Crews will attempt to notify residents prior to any water shut-offs. In the event of an emergency, the water could be turned off immediately without notification.