We are excited to announce our ride a long program will re-open to the public beginning April 1, 2022.

Please understand that due to high demand and staffing levels there may be a substantial delay in when you are able to ride.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we look forward to having citizens ride with officers again as we believe it is an important part of our departments transparency.

The goal of the Ride Along Program is to acquaint Westminster residents and business owners with their Police Department in a continuing effort to promote community/police understanding and cooperation. The minimum age for the program is 16. A parent or guardian of minors under the age of 18 must sign a parental release form.

There are currently eight patrol teams from which an applicant can request a ride along. All rides are scheduled for four hours. Please see the Ride Along application for team schedules and limitations regarding scheduling.

If you are interested in the Ride Along Program, and live or own a business in Westminster, you must fill out an application and read the program rules. If you have any questions, contact the Administrative Assistant of Patrol Services at 303-658-4281.

Apply for a Ride Along