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Recycling Drop Off Locations

All roll-off dumpsters for recycling take single-stream content. It's not necessary to separate your items- see below for acceptable materials.

All materials collected at the drop-off locations are also collected curbside by licensed trash collectors. Curbside trash collectors are required to offer your recycling services.

Recycling locations:

Fire Station 1: 3948 W. 73rd Ave.
Municipal Service Center: 6575 W. 88th Ave.
Municipal Court: 3030 Turnpike Dr.
West View Recreation Center: 10747 W. 108th Ave. (West View drop-off site will be unavailable Sat., Oct. 28 from 1-7 p.m. due to a special event)








View interactive map of recycling locations.

NOTE: Materials are collected DAILY. Call 303-658-2400 if you have questions regarding these recycling locations.

What can be recycled at the drop off locations?

All materials as listed below can be placed in the roll-off dumpsters at the recycling drop-off locations.

Paper products 
Office Paper - including those with staples, windows and sticky backing
Junk Mail
Phone Books
Paper Board (broken down) - none soiled by food or lined with wax
Card Board (broken down) - none soiled by food or lined with wax

Aluminum cans

Steel and Tin cans - please rinse them first

Plastics Labeled 1-7 - please rinse them first
Plastic drink bottles
Milk jugs
Butter tubs
Water jugs (labeled 2 HDPE Natural on the bottom)
Detergent jugs
Orange juice jugs (labeled 2 HDPE Color on the bottom and 7)
Plastic blister packaging (labeled 3)
Plastic liter pop bottles (labeled 1 PETE on the bottom). Please remove caps and rinse.

Glass bottles
Brown, green and clear glass bottles - please remove caps and rinse them first

What cannot be recycled at the drop off locations?

Shredded paper, plastic bags, large plastic storage tubs, intermingled trash. Check the Hard to Recycle Guide.

Questions or more information 

Contact the City of Westminster, 303-658-2400