Rocky Flats Stewardship Council

Oversight body of Rocky Flats 

Currently, the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council meets quarterly with Department of Energy and United State Fish and Wildlife Service. The Council is managed by a Board of Directors made up of elected officials from counties and cities, community organizations, and the general public. The City encourages those interested to take the time to examine and review their website.

Learn more about the Rocky Flats Stewardship Council here.  

Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge

Cleanup and closure of the Rocky Flats site was completed in 2006. At this time, a majority of the site became a national wildlife refuge.

Learn more about the Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge here.


General overview on Rocky Flats and the City Of Westminster

  • Rocky Flats is a former nuclear weapons facility located west of the City of Westminster and Standley Lake, a key drinking water source for Westminster, Thornton and Northglenn.
  • The City of Westminster has been monitoring Standley Lake for radioactivity since 1988, and all sample results have met drinking water standards.
  • Water leaving the Rocky Flats site does not enter Standley Lake. Since 1995, the Woman Creek Reservoir has been in place, just upstream of Standley Lake and downstream of Rocky Flats, diverting water from Rocky Flats around Standley Lake, via Walnut Creek.
  • Extensive sampling for radioactivity in soils, sediment, water and air indicate that the trace amounts of plutonium and americium present in the offsite soils and sediments do not pose a public health risk to those living in or recreating in the area.
  • All conservatively estimated health risks are well below U.S. Environmental Protection Agency significance thresholds, and the offsite areas are suitable for all uses, without restriction.

 For greater detail about the City of Westminster and Rocky Flats, please refer to the PDF assembled by Hydros Consulting of Boulder.  This was designed to provide concise and accurate responses to questions and comments from the public regarding current health risks related to the Rocky Flats site. Download the entire report in PDf format.


Curious about wildland fires?

The Office of Legacy Management has information about wildland fires and Rocky Flats. To learn more about emergency protocols, risks, and contact information, please visit the Department of Energy Rocky Flats website.

If you see a wildland fire at or adjacent to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Legacy Management (LM) Rocky Flats Site, call 911 when safe and follow the guidance of local emergency services personnel.