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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Community Development still open for business

During these challenging times, the Community Development Department has been hard at work, remaining “open to business” and fully supportive of local residents, businesses and developers through a number of online tools and resources.

Although City Hall is currently closed to the public, we are still able to support ongoing construction, development and redevelopment activity in the city, and capital investment projects are still moving forward. We are also taking a softer, more flexible approach with regulation and code enforcement in this challenging time while still protecting public health, safety and welfare.

Over the past several days, our staff has made many of our resources and application processes available online and we continue to serve the public through remote approaches, including:

  • eTRAKiT is an online, “one stop shop” portal for all projects, updates and permit applications, and is the primary platform that allows us to seamlessly continuing working with and supporting businesses.
  • Community Development staff have been using Facetime for certain inspections, holding virtual planning pre-application meetings for businesses and developers through GoToMeeting, and organizing virtual Planning Commission meetings through the GoToWebinar platform.
  • Today’s inspections is a dynamic, online list of all inspections scheduled for the current day. We are still doing construction and exterior inspections. Work can continue with other projects, but we will be deferring inspections for occupied premises. However, work can still continue for these projects.
  • We are now taking a “courtesy approach” for Code Enforcement. We always focus on education and voluntary compliance, but will be particularly understanding in this challenging time and work with businesses and residents towards solutions. Code Enforcement staff are here to help businesses and residents through the unique challenges we will be facing.
  • We will be deferring rental property inspections for public and staff safety.

Please contact Community Development staff with immediate concerns:

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