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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Tips to avoid sewer backups this holiday cooking season

Tips to avoid sewer backups this holiday cooking season

Liquid cooking grease, oils, and fats harden when poured down a sink drain. As the grease hardens, it can clog your sewer pipe and cause sewage to backup into your home.

The Public Works and Utilities Department encourages you to avoid sewer backups by properly disposing cooking fats and grease using these methods:

  • Take leftover grease and pour it into an empty soup can or some other type of container. If it's oil, pour it into a container with a cap.
  • Let the container with the grease or oil cool off You can place the container in the refrigerator for future use if it’s not full.
  • While you wait for the container to cool, use a paper towel to wipe away any remaining grease or oil on your pots or pans. You can toss this paper towel in the trash when you’re finished.
  • Once the grease cools and turns solid, throw it in the trash. If it’s still liquid, make sure you close the container to prevent making a mess.

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