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Thursday, February 20, 2020

How Westminster's water and sewer rates compare regionally

Compared to other Denver Metro cities, Westminster doesn't charge the most for water and sewer service. The rates are about average for low-water users, slightly above average for medium-water users and high for high-water users. This reflects the city’s policy for tiered rates to encourage conservation and to charge customers according to their impact on the system.

Why do cities charge different rates? It’s difficult to compare apples to apples with surrounding cities regarding water rates. Even though they’re nearby, neighboring cities are separate organizations with different revenues, expenses, capital projects, long-term planning processes and development fees.

They may have more development than Westminster bringing in more tap fee revenue that offsets the need to raise rates. They may have newer infrastructure or a different infrastructure investment schedule than Westminster. Other cities may also have a different tolerance for water main breaks or sewage backups.

The city wants you to be informed about rate adjustments considered for 2021 and 2022 that will fund the critical responsibility of providing your home or business safe, reliable, and high-quality drinking water and sewer services. Learn more at www.cityofwestminster.us/RateProposal.

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