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Thursday, July 30, 2020

Join Community RISE, a neighborhood-based program to solve challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has put unprecedented strain on our community, and, as it continues to spread, many of our neighbors are at serious risk—not only of illness, but also of social isolation and economic upheaval.

To keep our neighborhoods strong, we have to come together and figure out how to solve our toughest challenges. That’s what “Community RISE” is all about—listening to, learning from and taking action with our neighbors so that we can recover from COVID-19 stronger than ever.

As we move through four phases over the next ten months, we’ll learn about the challenges we’re facing, define them, develop solutions and share what we’ve created. Here’s what will happen in each phase:

  1. Discover: During this phase, we’ll find out what challenges we’re facing as we listen and learn through open-ended “discovery conversations” with our neighbors.
  2. Define: Then, we’ll craft “design challenges” based on what we learned during the “Discover” phase.
  3. Develop: In neighborhood-based action teams, we’ll develop solutions and prototypes to address specific challenges.
  4. Deliver: In this final phase, we’ll share the solutions we’ve created and find additional support to sustain them.

The city is in the “Discover” phase right now and our goal is to listen and learn. If you’d like to be a part of the discussion, we invite you to join us for a discovery conversation.

If you’d rather not be part of the “Discover” phase, you can join a neighborhood action team during the “Develop” phase, by submitting your information here

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