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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Federal Boulevard Study Highlights Needs for Pedestrian Safety, Access to Public Transit, and Reduced Congestion and Traffic Calming Measures

A collaborative effort to study Federal Boulevard and learn how conditions could be improved for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers along the corridor has been completed. The final report and recommendations from the Federal Boulevard Multimodal Study is available here

“The goal is to make Federal Boulevard safer for all,” said Debra Baskett, City of Westminster Senior Transportation and Mobility Planner. 

While complete detailed findings can be found in the full report, some key takeaways from the community engagement efforts are as follows: 

  1. Pedestrian Safety: The lack of connected pedestrian facilities was consistently cited as one of the most significant concerns. Many stakeholders indicated that they intentionally choose not to walk along Federal Boulevard because of these safety concerns, and people without another option reported the experience as uncomfortable and “scary.” 

  1. Transit: Transit along this corridor was discussed as an extremely important service for the community, and the importance of improving the overall transit experience was a common theme among stakeholders. Many stakeholders emphasized the need for enhanced and safer access to bus stops. 

  1. Congestion and Speeding: Congestion and traffic concerns were mentioned by stakeholders who drive the corridor frequently. Many stakeholders also discussed the frequency of vehicles speeding on the corridor and the tension between cars traveling at high speeds and those using other modes of travel in the area. 

  1. Placemaking: Many stakeholders indicated a desire for aesthetic enhancements to the corridor as a way of addressing safety concerns and improving the overall experience of traveling along Federal Boulevard. Specific ideas include adding trees, landscaping, medians, and public art. 

The study kicked off in 2020 to address safety challenges, inconsistent pedestrian and bike facilities, limited connectivity to trails and destinations, the need for improved transit service and amenities along Federal Boulevard, and the volume and speed of vehicular traffic.  

While significant planning has occurred along Federal Boulevard, this study is the first to combine the efforts of Adams County, Federal Heights, and the City of Westminster to create a comprehensive multimodal vision and implement long-term improvements to Federal Boulevard.   

“The findings of the Federal Boulevard Multimodal Transportation Study provide a vision and specific recommendations to create a safer corridor for everyone who travels it,” Baskett said. “Maintaining and improving the regional roadway infrastructure, the sidewalks and trails will support the adjacent communities and their ability to thrive.” 

The corridor vision and the findings of this study will serve as a basis for funding requests and guidance as these communities create a Federal Boulevard corridor that effectively serves residents, businesses, and the region far into the future. 

For more information about the study and to read the full report, visit https://www.westminsterco.gov/federalboulevardstudy  

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