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Thursday, July 2, 2020

City Council supports Police Department after passage of Senate Bill 20-217

To all employees of the Westminster Police Department,

As your elected Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem and City Councillors we recognize the increased negative focus on law enforcement on a national, state and local level. Through this, we routinely witness the professionalism and exceptional service provided by our police officers on a daily basis. Although we receive messages of concern or criticism related to police services, we regularly receive messages highlighting the support and respect you have from our community.

As Senate Bill 20-217 moved through this terms legislative process we became involved in conversations to address aspects of the bill which would impact the city and our police officers.

We are beginning to understand the impacts of the Senate Bill 20-217, but are also aware we haven’t begun to see the full impact on your ability to serve the public and most importantly the impact on you personally and your family. The City Manager has assured us that he and your colleagues in Legal and Human Resources are working intently to provide specific information on issues of concern and how those issues can be addressed. We are committed to our continued support of the outstanding police department and its officers. We know we have some of the finest officers in this country, who serve with integrity, pride and professionalism.

Please know, the City intends to defend and indemnify its police officers for any liability incurred by them including any judgment or settlement entered against them for claims brought pursuant to C.R.S. 13-21-131 (1), unless the police officer/s are convicted of a criminal violation for the conduct from which the claim arises or otherwise precluded by law.

As necessary steps are taken to implement requirements directed by the law we will remain willing to listen and appreciate the value of communication with the City Manager and Police Chief on your behalf.

Thank you for your willingness, desire and dedication to serving the great residents of Westminster.

Very sincerely,

Herb Atchison, Mayor
Anita Seitz, Mayor Pro Tem
David DeMott, City Councillor
Kathryn Skulley, City Councillor
Jon Voelz, City Councillor
Richard Seymour, City Councillor
Lindsey Smith, City Councillor

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