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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Camera technology to capture street features for city projects

Camera technology to capture street features for city projects

For a few weeks, residents may notice a vehicle with a cylinder-shaped, roof-mounted camera driving along city streets. The camera and the vehicle, operated by city contractor All Traffic Data, will be traveling along a variety of streets taking 360-degree photos to capture features like sidewalks, signs, bus stops and pavement markings. After the photos are collected, the team removes identifiable features such as people and license plates.

The camera uses Trimble MX7 mobile imagery technology and provides a more efficient and cost-effective solution to view and analyze street infrastructure conditions compared to the city's current available technology and staff resources.

To support the city’s Transportation & Mobility Plan, the photos collected will first be used to evaluate over 300 bus stops throughout the city. This project will also be used to inform the city’s evaluation and future use of data collection technology.

City staff can use this imagery to create maps and conduct data analysis to inform funding, planning, implementation and maintenance of transportation improvements. The data can also be used to improve communication about these improvements.

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