Recycling is a series of activities that includes collecting used, reused, or unused items that would otherwise be considered waste; sorting and processing the recyclable products into raw materials; and remanufacturing the recycled raw materials into new products. Consumers provide the last link in recycling by purchasing products made from recycled content.

Benefits of recycling include:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change;
  • Preventing releases of air and water pollutants;
  • Saving energy;
  • Supplying valuable raw materials to industry;
  • Creating jobs;
  • Stimulating the development of greener technologies;
  • Conserving resources for our children's future; and
  • Reducing the need for new landfills and combustors.

These sites will be permanently closed as of June 1, 2024. The Westminster Sustainability Center is now open.

All sites take single-stream content. It's not necessary to separate your items- see below for acceptable materials.

All licensed trash haulers are required to offer curbside recycling services that accept the same materials as the community recycling sites. 

  • Fire Station 1: 3948 W. 73rd Ave.

  • Municipal Service Center: 6575 W. 88th Ave.

  • Municipal Court: 3030 Turnpike Dr.

  • West View Recreation Center: 10747 W. 108th Ave.

Materials are collected daily. Call 303-658-2400 if you have questions regarding these recycling locations.

What Can Be Recycled At The Drop Off Locations?

All materials as listed below can be placed in the roll-off dumpsters at the recycling drop-off locations.

Paper Products:

  • Newspaper
  • Office Paper - including those with staples, windows and sticky backing
  • Junk Mail
  • Phone Books
  • Magazines 
  • Paper Board (broken down) - none soiled by food or lined with wax
  • Card Board (broken down) - none soiled by food or lined with wax

Aluminum cans

Steel and tin cans - please rinse them first

Hard Plastics:

  • Plastics Labeled 1-7 - please rinse them first
  • Plastic drink bottles
  • Milk jugs
  • Butter tubs
  • Water jugs (labeled 2 HDPE Natural on the bottom)
  • Detergent jugs
  • Orange juice jugs (labeled 2 HDPE Color on the bottom and 7)
  • Plastic blister packaging (labeled 3)
  • Plastic liter pop bottles (labeled 1 PETE on the bottom). Please remove caps and rinse.

Glass bottles

What Cannot Be Recycled At The Drop Off Locations?

  • Shredded paper

  •  Plastic bags

  • Large plastic storage tubs

  • Intermingled trash.

Questions or want more information? Contact the City of Westminster, 303-658-2400

Curbside Recycling

All licensed collection companies must offer options to recycle at the curb to ALL customers. This includes the following materials:  

  • Aluminum                    
  • Cardboard                  
  • Glass
  • Magazines                    
  • Newspaper                  
  • Office Paper/Junk Mail
  • Paperboard                  
  • Phonebooks                
  • Plastics #1 - #7
  • Tin