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A sustainable community is a desirable place to live, work, visit and play. At the core, sustainability is about creating an economically strong, socially vibrant, and environmentally healthy community for current and future generations. 

Save Money, Live Better:

Residential Tax Credits And Rebates: Energy Efficiency, Solar, EVs, And More!IRA_Home_Benefits

Follow the three steps below to learn how you or your family can save on utility bills, get support to purchase energy-saving appliances, electric vehicles, and access the economic opportunities of the Inflation Reduction Act's (IRA) tax credits and rebates!

  1. Sign-up to receive news updates 

  2. Calculate how much money you could receive 

  3. Explore Tax Credits and Rebates

Next, dive deeper with the following resources: 

Are you a business, non-profit, or educational institution? There are tax credits and rebates for you too! 

E-Bike Rebates from the State of Colorado: 

The Colorado Energy Office has launched their electric bicycle (e-bike) rebates for Colorado residents! Rebate amount is based on income: 

The application window for this program will be open for about one week each month starting in August, 2023. Applicants will be randomly selected to receive a discount voucher that can be used at participating e-Bike retailers. 

Apply Here!

Zero Fare for Youth: September 2023 - August 2024 Zero_Fare_Youth_Email_Banner__pack_English

Youth 19 and younger can just hop on board any and all RTD services. 

To ride at no cost as part of this program, youth must be prepared to show one of the following pieces of information: current school ID, valid government-issued ID, alien registration/permanent resident card, Military ID/dependent card with DOB, RTD-issued youth special discount card.

Learn more here!


Sustainability News

Highlights from progress on the Sustainability Plan:

Since the Sustainability Plan was adopted in 2020, the City has made great strides in implementing the strategies and achieving targets. Learn more about our progress and read the Sustainability Plan Report (2020-2022) 

Westy Fest: Zero Waste Impact Report with r.Cup:

This year's Westy Fest featured r.cup, a reusable beverage container that allowed attendees to enjoy local craft brewers in a zero-waste manner.

  • ~4,000 single-use cups eliminated
  • 54lbs of waste diverted
  • 102 lbs of CO2 eliminated
  • !,230 gallons of water saved
  • 300 KWh of energy saved 

Learn more about r.cup here

In addition, through a partnership with Scraps Compost, we achieved an ~85% waste diversion rate. Broken down, this looked like:

  • 820 lbs of compost
  • 340 lbs of recycling
  • 32 lbs of candy wrappers to be terracycled
  • 210 lbs of trash

Congratulations to Growing Home--2023 SAGE Sustainable Business of the Year! 

The 2023 Sustainable Business of the Year Award was awarded to Growing Home.  Growing Home, in partnership with the community, advances equity in food, housing, parenting education, and lifelong stability to create lasting change for the future. They also envision a thriving, healthy, and equitable community for all.  

So why was Growing Home chosen as the SAGE Sustainable Business of the Year? They stood out among SAGE businesses in the following ways:

  • They’ve improved their daily operations by starting a compost service and have upgraded to high efficiency appliances
  • They’re encouraging food security and local agriculture through the maintenance of a community garden
  • They’re partnering with the City on a pilot program to provide air purifiers to residents in an effort to address air quality and respiratory health concerns
  • And they are a two-time SAGE Accelerator Grant recipient 

Learn more about Growing Home