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Small Business Spotlight: The Happy Caker

Small Business Spotlight: The Happy Caker

While many of us have transitioned to working from home these last couple of years, Shannon Davie did exactly the opposite. Davie is the owner of The Happy Caker, a custom cake business based in Westminster that recently moved into a retail storefront at 7729 W. 92nd Avenue, after nearly a decade at home.

How did you decide to start your own custom cake business?

SD: I am a self-taught baker and have been baking and decorating cakes since 2011. Ten years ago, I made a fondant cake for my daughter's birthday, and a spark ignited! I knew I had a knack for it and started my business right away.

Tell us why you eventually moved your home-based business into a storefront.

SD: I worked out of my home for 9 years – the last couple of those in Westminster. It’s difficult to take on a large amount of custom orders when you’re working out of your home. You’re limited to what you can make at home because our product is perishable and you need ample storage. The storefront location allowed us to have more space and more flexibility. We can now do more orders -- and different kinds of orders --because we have dedicated areas for the custom work we do.

How did a Small Business Capital Project Grant help you make the move to a brick and mortar store?

SD: The Small Business Capital Grant from the City was vital! It helped offset capital costs for the build-out of the new shop. We were so grateful to have that as a resource. And the process was easy -- it was awesome working with Shelby in the Economic Development Department! Through that connection we also ended up being a vendor at the City’s holiday food truck party for its employees.

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Learn more about the Small Business Capital Grant Program here.

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