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Free Accessible Transportation Now Available in Westminster

Free Accessible Transportation Now Available in Westminster


Westminster residents have a new way of getting around town, free of charge, thanks to a partnership between the City and Via Mobility Services. 

As part of a one-year pilot program, residents age 60 and older or residents experiencing short- or long-term disabilities can register for free rides within 15 miles of their homes. Rides are provided by Via Mobility Services’ Via Paratransit program, which offers a unique level of service. 

“What’s different about Via is they provide door-through-door service,” said Debra Baskett, senior transportation and mobility planner for Westminster. “Instead of just pulling up to the curb or the driveway, they know if their customer needs assistance to get the door locked, put their coat on, or when they return home they can help bring groceries in. They are trained to go that extra mile.” 

The program is a great fit for older adults who need transportation to and from doctor's appointments, the grocery store, or recreational activities. Residents who recently had surgery and are unable to drive are also eligible for the program.  

In addition to the support of highly trained drivers to assist riders, the City implemented the paratransit program to provide more independence and freedom for people who previously had to rely on federal programs that were difficult to navigate or limited in scope. Westminster’s pilot program is funded in part by the City and a grant from Via funded by the Denver Regional Council of Governments. 

Zoe DeVito, director of development and communications for Via Mobility Services, said she typically sees excitement and relief on the faces of new riders. 

“There’s something really special about not needing to rely only on federally mandated transportation services,” she said. “This is a more robust service for the residents, and something Westminster residents can rely on to stay connected with their community. If they’re trying to get to the doctor’s office, the grocery store, or just hanging out with friends and family, we can help with that.” 

The new program operates from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  Passengers are encouraged to register for rides as far in advance as possible to ensure service is available. Registering at least one week before the preferred service date is highly recommended. 

“I encourage people to make the phone call and sign up,” Baskett said. “It’s not difficult at all, and Via will do everything they can to accommodate your trip request.” 

To request a ride, call Via Mobility Services directly at (303) 444-3043 or visit Via online here.

The City of Westminster is dedicated to improving transportation within the city and providing residents with equitable access to transportation services. For more information please visit our transportation page here.

If you are interested in driving for Via and providing a valuable service for Westminster residents, a virtual job fair is scheduled for August 25. More details can be found online here

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