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'Clearopathra' and 'CTRL+SALT+DELETE' Officially Join Snowplow Fleet

'Clearopathra' and 'CTRL+SALT+DELETE' Officially Join Snowplow Fleet


Two snowplows were officially named by City staff using custom-designed decals and resident-submitted names. After residents submitted their punniest names and voted for their favorites, Clearopathra and CTRL+SALT+DELETE officially joined the fleet. Be on the lookout for these punny plows this winter and beyond.

A grand total of 1,120 votes were cast for finalists in the naming competition, with the following results:

  • Clearopathra - 421
  • Betty Whiteout - 379
  • Darth Scraper - 340
  • Snow Force One - 276
  • Taylor Drift - 235

To learn more about snow and ice removal in Westminster, visit our Public Works Snow & Ice page.

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