The SAGE Sustainable Business Program makes it easy for your business to:

  • SAVE money and resourcesSAGE Long Logo

  • ACT responsibly and sustainably 

  • GROW your business and connections

  • EARN community recognition and credit 

SAGE approaches sustainability through a business-first lens that connects your business to financial resources, technical assistance, and expertise to increase your business value through cost reduction, increased community recognition, conservation of resources, and improved competitive advantage over time. 

SAGE services are FREE, confidential, and voluntary and available to all business owners, landlords, tenants, managers, nonprofits and institutions located in the city.

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Save on Utility Bills with a FREE Energy Assessment and EXTRA Bonus Rebates! 

Take the guesswork out of efficiency opportunities for your business and save on your operating expenses. Sign-up for an energy assessment!!   

  1. Sign-Up! Xcel Energy offers a suite of low or no-cost building energy assessments to fit your specific needs. Fill out an interest form or call to sign-up at 877-287-2250!

  2. Complete Your Building Energy Assessment: An energy advisor will identify low to no-cost energy savings opportunities, as well as top energy saving projects specific to your business. Following the assessment, the advisor can help connect you to financing options, rebates, and contractors.

  3. Receive Supplemental Rebates: The City of Westminster will provide a $1,500 max in rebates and fund projects up to 75% of total cost (Xcel Energy + City rebates combined) for each business. Reach out with a copy of your building energy assessment to receive these bonus funds. Rebates are first come, first served, so contact the City ASAP!

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BONUS REBATES: For a limited time, you can receive additional bonus rebates on LED lighting from Xcel Energy and up to $1,500 in additional rebates from SAGE.

New SAGE Rebate Category: Reusable Solutions

SAGE’s newest incentive is a one-time rebate for buying reusable solutions. The refund will cover up to 75% of total costs up to $1,000. Reusable solutions include but are not limited to: 

  • Dishwashers (EPA WaterSense Certified) 
  • Durable dishware 
  • Returnable, reusable takeout container services 
  • Online systems for reuse services 

Apply for Rebate Here!

New Compost Rules: Food scraps and yard & plant trimmings ONLY!

Why are compost guidelines being simplified to food scraps and yard & plant trimmings only? To create a high-quality finished compost product. Clean compost = clean, healthy soils.

Compost haulers and municipalities all along the Front Range of Colorado are working with regional compost manufacturer A1 Organics to create a high-quality, CLEAN compost product. The goal is to keep organic materials like food scraps and yard trimmings out of the landfill to prevent harmful methane emissions while creating a valuable soil amendment that will help Colorado farms and landscapes build healthy soils that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, reduce water and chemical use, and grow nutritious foods. 

Learn more and download sigange here 

SAGE Celebrates 2 Years of Helping Businesses! 

SAGE celebrated its second anniversary in April. Since April 2021, SAGE has helped 225 businesses; that’s around 8 percent of Westminster’s total businesses, with 75 of these businesses having completed initiatives supported by SAGE through financial assistance, advising, and programming. This past year, SAGE helped local businesses with several accomplishments including transitioning to all non-plastic packaging, upgraded LED lighting, starting a recycling service, employee education about water conservation, and more. These efforts were made possible through collaborations with local organizations and service providers such as the Colorado Green Business Network and Xcel Energy. Through Xcel Energy’s Small Business Energy Solutions program, SAGE provides free energy assessments to businesses. Over 60 businesses have already completed energy assessments, a value savings of up to $2,000 per business, and a total of $120,000 in savings.

Read about SAGE's impact here

Up to $250,000 in tax credits for commuting programs 

New for tax years 2023 and 2024, the State of Colorado will provide a tax credit of up to 50% to employers to provide eco-friendly commuting options to employees. Eligible uses include:

  • Carpools, vanpools, and shuttles
  • Transit passes
  • Bike-share programs
  • Anything other than driving alone!

Email SAGE to talk more about your commuting needs and to be paired with a commuting specialist

Is your building 50,000 sq.ft. of more? If so, you need to report your annual energy use to the Colorado Energy Office 

Owners of large commercial, multifamily, and public buildings 50,000 square feet or more to report their annual energy use to the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, a free energy management tool used to track and assess energy and water consumption. By measuring and tracking energy use in buildings, also known as benchmarking, building owners and tenants can better understand how their building’s energy performance compares to similar buildings and identify opportunities to cut energy waste. In 2024, the State will establish building performance standards with which buildings will have to comply. 

Learn more, Register, and Report  

Carry Out Bag Fee:

As of January, 1, 2023, major stores must charge customers a 10-cent fee per recycled paper carryout bag or a single-use plastic carryout bag at the point of sale
A retail store IS affected if either of the following apply: 

  • The store has more than three (3) retail locations
  • The store is part of a franchise, corporation, or partnership that has physical store locations outside of Colorado

*Food service and restaurant establishments are ALL exempt (not affected) no matter the type. Grocery stores and convenience stores are not considered food service under the definitions in the law, so grocery stores and convenience stores are affected based on the rules above.


  • A grocery store with more than three locations across Colorado would be affected, a grocery store with three or fewer locations would not.
  • A chain fast food restaurant would not be affected, because it is food service (and is not a grocery store or convenience store).
  • Any local restaurant or café would not be affected.
  • A local retail store with one location in Westminster would not be affected.
  • A retail souvenir shop that is part of a larger franchise with a location in Utah would be affected.

Learn more and remit fees collected here

Questions on the fee? Call the sales tax line at 303-658-2065 or email sales tax at

Want help educating customers: Check out Eco-Cycle's Implementation Guide for Businesses oe email for assistance 

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA): Guide to Small Business Resources

In August 2022, Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to fight the climate crisis, grow domestic clean energy production, lower prescription drug costs, expand access to affordable health care coverage, and raise taxes on high-earning corporations—all to rebuild the US middle class for families, workers and businesses. Within this massive bill come numerous opportunities for small businesses—from accessing solar energy to electric vehicles and more.

Learn how the IRA can benefit your business here! 

Sustainable Business of the Year Award-2022: GQue BBQ

GQue received the 2022 "Sustainable Business of the Year Award" because they’re equally dedicated to serving up amazing tasting food, providing a great place to work, and to benefitting the local community. They stood out among the business community in the following ways: 

  • GQue became SAGE Certified by completing over 30 sustainable business best-practices
  • Participated in Xcel Energy’s Small Business Energy Solutions program to identify high-impact energy saving opportunities for their building
  • Recycles and/or sells their used cooking oil.
  • Provide compostable plates and service-ware in their catering services.
  • Supports the local community through donations and sponsorships to over 35 different organizations ranging from schools to sports teams to humane societies.

Practices like these that not only highlight how GQue not only serves up one tasty pulled pork sandwich, but does so in a way that benefit their business, the community, and the environment. Thank you GQUE BBQ for your leadership and commitment to sustainable business practices!

Congratulations to our SAGE Certified Businesses! 

The following businesses have gone above and beyond to promote sustainability within their organization 

Join these businesses by becoming SAGE Certified: Learn about certification here!   


About SAGE:

The SAGE Sustainable Business Program makes it easy for your business to be sustainableSAGE provides tailored assessments, resources, and assistance to businesses seeking a structured approach to implementing sustainability initiatives and measuring results. Expert advisers will work with you to create a personalized plan for your business and help you implement it at your own pace to reach your sustainability goals

If you choose to go further, SAGE recognizes businesses for environmental excellence through verification of sustainable business practices. Complete a check-list of best practices in energy, water, waste, transportation, and community and we will certify and promote you as a SAGE Certified Business. 

SAGE businesses demonstrate that profit and environmental benefit go hand-in-hand and can improve employee morale, increase operational efficiency and promote a positive public image.

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Email or call 303-658-2662 to set up an advising session and for any questions and comments.