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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Update on development proposal at 104th and Sheridan

In late January 2019, Berkeley Homes submitted a development proposal to change the comprehensive plan land use designation of the vacant properties generally located at the southwest corner of 104th Avenue and Sheridan Boulevard.

Currently, the properties are designated R-3.5 (Residential, 3.5 dwelling units per acre). The proposal requests that portions of the properties that generally abut Sheridan Boulevard be re-designated to R-8 (Residential, 8 dwelling units per acre). View a map

The development review process is still underway at this time and no public hearings have been scheduled. So far, the applicant has completed two rounds of staff review and the city’s required neighborhood notification process/meeting which occurred on April 16, 2019.

Staff is currently awaiting the applicant’s third submittal for review. 

City staff does not have a formal opinion, stance or recommendation on the proposal at this time. For additional information, please contact Planner Jacob Kasza, jpkasza@westminsterco.gov.

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