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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Park your cart for ‘The Rough,’ a socially-distanced theatrical performance on Legacy Ridge Golf Course

Park your cart for ‘The Rough,’ a socially-distanced theatrical performance on Legacy Ridge Golf Course

The Scottish claim to have invented the modern game of golf. And for the Catamounts theater troupe’s performance of “The Rough” at Legacy Ridge Golf Course, your host is a Scotsman with both an outrageous accent and a love for the goddess of “stick and ball” named “Paganica.” The Scotsman chases her through the first nine holes, with story vignettes along the way, in this socially-distanced production on one of the city’s golf courses.

The production is a partnership between the Catamounts and the city’s Parks, Recreation and Libraries Department.

“With many of our events getting cancelled this year, this brought the challenge of needing to be creative on how can we continue to engage with our community and have events during the times of social distancing,” said Event Planner Mikayla Hudak. “We chose the Catamounts after receiving great feedback from the community last year after their Last Apple Tree production and are excited to bring another theatrical performance to Westminster with them.”

The Scotsman both chases his muse and provides commentary on the stories brought to life in the front nine on the course. From a Navajo golf teacher to Sasquatch and a princess to two people brought together at a country club wedding, the stories tell tales of wildness and tameness, privilege and access. Themes that are resonant in the history of golf courses.

“We want to honor the sport of golf and the city’s golf course in the show” said Director Jessica Jackson. “The partnership with the city has been such a success because they have supported all our creative decisions, any way they can.”

The production lasts about 90 minutes and consists of a maximum of eight golf carts (with a maximum of two people per cart) driving through the course and stopping for each vignette. Each audience member is given bone conduction headphones which play music and a soundscape, but allow the audience to still hear the performance. And at times, interact with the Scotsman himself.

The show runs Wednesdays through Sundays from Aug. 8 to Sept. 6. However, the run sold out shortly after going on sale as live entertainment is hard to come by during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creating the production and making sure it’s a success from 7 p.m. to sundown has had its challenges. The crew has had to add small but functional lights at the last two holes to make sure the cast is lit as it gets dark. In addition, golfers have been very curious about the production and may have to detour around the performance.

"The Catamount crew has been great to work with," said Legacy Ridge Golf Course Superintendent Tim Davis. "We’ve had to modify some of our agronomic practices and irrigation timing but nothing too major. We installed a prop swing on the course with the help from Forestry staff. I haven’t been asked to fill in for any acting roles, but I’m ready if need be!"

The city is thrilled to create and offer this innovative production in partnership with the Catamounts and hopes to provide more opportunities to engage with the community, and any golf course goddesses, in the future.

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