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Thursday, July 23, 2020

Goats hard at work destroying weeds at Standley Lake

Goats hard at work destroying weeds at Standley Lake

For about two weeks, Standley Lake Regional Park will have about 220 new four-leg, bleating visitors – goats!

As part of the Integrated Pest Management plan used by the Open Space Division to control noxious weeds, the goats will be eating weeds, aerating the soil with their sharp hooves, and leaving behind organic fertilizer. 

The goats are an alternative to herbicides and their grazing benefits the ecosystem by eating 25% of their body weight in invasive weeds.

The goats move to different locations in the park two to three times a day. They are penned in via electric fence to keep them focused on specific areas and keep two-leg visitors from interrupting them.

City employee Jackie Bowers, in her alter ego, “Jackie of All Trades” talked with Open Space Manager Rod Larsen about goats visiting Standley Lake.

The goats are owned by Goat Green LLC, which is owned by Donny Benz and Lani Malmberg.

Visitors to the park can come say hi to these friendly weed managers. They may even see some baby goats in the future as there are some expectant mothers in the herd.

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