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Honoring Former Westminster Mayor George Hovorka

Honoring Former Westminster Mayor George Hovorka

The City of Westminster remembers and honors former Mayor George Hovorka, who passed away on Thursday, November 24, 2022. 

Mr. Hovorka first joined Westminster’s City Council in 1973 where he served the community as a councillor for a decade. In 1983, Hovorka was elected mayor, a position he held for 8 years before ending his term in 1991. Hovorka then spent an additional two years as a councillor, closing out his public service at City Hall in 1993. 

Hovorka was known for his passion for the younger generation and spent nearly 30 years as an educator in Adams County School District #50. In addition to teaching at Clear Lake Junior High School, Hovorka also served as a longtime principal at Gregory Hills Elementary School. 

Hovorka served as Chairman of the Community Awareness Action Team (CAAT), and the Building a Community Without Drugs Coalition. He dedicated his time to raising awareness about the impact of drugs and alcohol on young people and was a strong proponent of drug education programs. 

City staff remember Mr. Hovorka for his sense of humor and ability to connect with children. He enjoyed leading tours of City Hall for local elementary students and would frequently joke that his office was located in a coat closet, which he adorned with a sign that read “Mayor’s Office”. 

“George had a distinct, stern voice but was a big teddy bear at the same time,” remembered Westminster Mayor Nancy McNally. “He was a strong leader and a champion for the city. His dedication and contributions to our community over a 20-year span helped shape Westminster into the successful, thriving place it is today.” 

Hovorka passed away on Thanksgiving surrounded by family, including his children and grandchildren. Hovorka’s wife, Jackie, passed away in January 2015. Mr. Hovorka was 91 years old.  

Our thoughts are with the former mayor’s family and friends during this difficult time. We thank him for leaving behind a legacy of leadership, service, and passion for the community that still lives on to this day. 

Photo courtesy of the Westminster Historical Society

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