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Executive Leadership Roles

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Governance and Organization 

Incorporated in 1911, Westminster’s council-manager form of government is consistently recognized for excellence in management and delivery of full services to businesses and residents. Westminster has six city councilors and a mayor who are elected at large. Councilors serve four-year terms with a two-term limit. Appointed by city council in 2022, City Manager Mark Freitag leads Westminster’s staff and oversees the City’s day-to-day operations. 

Westminster is an employer of choice with a values-oriented culture that attracts top talent from around the country. Westminster has won several workforce-oriented awards including:  

  • Healthiest Employer in Colorado 2014-2017, 5th in the US in 2017 
  • 2021 as a Workplace Mental Health Champion by HealthLinks, a leader in health and wellbeing programs across the United States 

Westminster has an authorized total of 1,109 full-time employees for 2023. As an award-winning, nationally recognized full-service city, departmental activities are conducted in direct support of the mission, vision, and strategic plan set forth by the City Council. The City has achieved some of the highest bond ratings in the state, including AAA and AA+, with the leading national rating agencies. 

Westminster sits in both Jefferson and Adams counties.  


On February 27, 2003, City leaders unveiled the current organizational values employees use to guide their decisions. The values make up the acronym SPIRIT, which stands for Service, Pride, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation and Teamwork. SPIRIT is used internally to reinforce these core values and keep them in the forefront with City employees. 


Provides exceptional customer service and handles the concerns and issues of our customers, both internal and external. Exhibits ongoing, courteous, tactful, and respectful customer service; including respect for the diversity of our customers' views, skills, background, and experience. Takes ownership, initiative, and is empathetic and responsive to each customer. Conveys a professional demeanor while performing their duties. 


Serves as an ambassador, displaying pride in their job, as well as the City, other employees, department and division. Thinks globally, embracing the values of the organization, and supporting the City's mission, vision, and strategic goals. Actively participates in the operations of the organization and demonstrates leadership and professionalism. Performs duties and responsibilities to the highest of quality standards and exhibits care for the community. Pro-actively fosters an inclusive community where individuals are valued and inspired to contribute their best. 


Demonstrates in all actions a high level of ethical behavior and does the right thing. Displays courage and honesty with themselves and others. Acknowledges each person’s unique talents, ideas and beliefs. Embodies personal accountability. 


Establishes accountability to the City for job functions and assigned duties as outlined in their job description. Acts professionally in all aspects of work including observable behaviors, interpersonal and communication skills, and attitude. Demonstrates competence in all technical aspects of the job, decision making, and key job responsibilities; including planning, organizing, and the delivery of a quality work product. 


Understands customers' needs and expectations and seeks opportunities to improve the customer (internal and external) experience. Has a continuous improvement mind set and is open to change. Takes calculated risks and learns from failures. Displays an ability to plan for successful implementation of new ideas. Continues to develop skills and stays current with industry standards and innovation. 


Values teamwork and supports the efforts of fellow employees both individually and collectively. Fosters a participatory organizational climate that is open, positive, reinforcing, and supportive. Builds trust through open, honest, and respectful communication and interactions. Demonstrates the ability to have authentic, transparent conversations in order to constructively work through conflict. Is approachable and exhibits cooperation, collaboration, patience, fairness, and consistency in interactions. 

Guiding Principles 

Collaboration and Partnership: Enhance and sustain our relationships with neighboring governments and community-based partners, leveraging our collective resources for maximum impact and benefit to Westminster.  

Stewardship and Thrift: Responsibly manage all of the resources entrusted to our care to meet the needs of today without sacrificing the ability to meet the needs of the future.  

Transparency and Accountability: Engage in two-way dialogue with the people of Westminster, clearly communicate our intentions and decisions and take responsibility for all that we do, thereby earning the trust and confidence of the community.  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Achieve equitable processes for the people of Westminster by providing opportunity for all voices to be heard and drawing upon community diversity in decision making.  

Innovate and Initiate: Foster a culture of continuous improvement and approach opportunities and challenges with drive, inventive thinking and resourcefulness, resulting in a resilient and sustainable future for our city.  

Prevention and Proactivity: Solve problems at their source and focus the city’s policies, practices and investments on prevention and community education and addressing root causes, leading to a better quality of life and greater prosperity for all in our community. 

What is the City of Westminster’s Executive Leadership Like? 

To be an executive leader for the City, you must embody our SPIRIT values. Our leaders believe, embrace, and represent the very best of our SPIRIT values.  

Our executive leaders are champions of the City. We prioritize the needs our community, and understand that our work is in service of our community members.